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What do you see when you look at the world around you? Is that animal just another animal or is that tree just another tree? God gave us much more than that!

Look again, there’s so much more to see!

For instance, did you know kangaroos can teach us about growing in God’s word. Well they can! And that reminder, that inspiration, is true whether you see one on TV, in a zoo, in the wild (if you’re really lucky) or even if it’s something as simple as a stuffed animal.

That’s what Creation Inspirations are – seeing the world around us with “faith eyes” and understanding there’s more to creation besides its incredible beauty and wonder (though that’s important too!). Our creator God surrounds us with the encouragement we need for a strong spiritual walk. The thing is, sometimes it comes in the form of a Bible, but sometimes it’s in the form of a brown bear, a flamingo or even a kangaroo.

Are you ready to take another look? Be inspired!
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