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It’s hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! I don’t know where the year went but it’s time for all of the visiting, sharing, eating, shopping and all the rest that makes up your family’s celebration.

With regard to the shopping part, I’d like to humbly suggest that you consider purchasing a copy (or more if you feel so inclined :-)) of Creation Inspirations either for your family or someone else’s.

Not sure who it might be right for? Here’s a short list that will hopefully help you fill out your gift list in the week to come.

  1. Kids ages approx 4-9
  2. Your family to another family
  3. Friends/neighbors who are seekers
  4. Giving tree gifts
  5. People you won’t see in person-I can mail anywhere in the U.S. just send me an email or use the contact form to let me know where to send it.

Also, please note that if you want to order from my site, you need to order SOON as orders will be sent via regular mail and we all know what happens to the mail in December. If you’d like something sent outside the U.S please contact me and we’ll see if it can arrive in time.

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment here, email me or use the contact form.

Be Inspired!

Cheryl Pickett

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