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Anyone who knows me knows I really love zoos. I can honestly say visiting them energizes me. The ones that have habitats or experiences are my favorite. Feeling like I’m in a tropical rain forest or the arctic or the desert, even if it’s just for a few minutes, almost always puts me in a state of wonder and joy.Zoophoto © 2005 Will Lord | more info (via: Wylio)

Creation Inspirations was partially born out of that continual sense of marveling at what our Creator God did and continues to do every day. A zoo lets you experience everything from the fine, fine detail of a bird wing or tiny tree frog, to the grand size of an elephant or rhino all in one place.  How can that not be awe-inspiring?

Okay, yes, sometimes it’s too hot, or rainy or your feet are tired or someone is bored so your zoo visit might not be as wonderful as you’d like it to be.  But if you at least go into it with an expectant attitude, that you will be blown away by Creator God, hopefully at least part of the adventure will life both your heart and spirit and draw you together in faith.

To increase your chances of having an inspired trip, I also recommend taking along my book for the car ride, or using it after your return home. Many common zoo animals are featured allowing you to extend your adventure a little longer in addition to filling up some of that summer free time.  You can purchase it on my shop page, or via your favorite online retailer.

I’d also love to hear about your zoo trip so please come back and comment below!

Be Inspired!
Cheryl Pickett

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