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Some animals have stripes or spots that help us identify them. Your cat or dog at home may even have one of these patterns.  But at least one creature, has something a little different-rings!

The ring-tailed lemur is just one of many species of lemurs that live on the planet. Like their name says, the rings they have are on their tails. They are stacked in black and white and easy to spot.

Ring tailed lemur
 Photo via Flickr by Ella's Dad

In the wild, most species of lemurs, including the ring-tailed, live on the island of Madagascar. It’s a very tiny place compared to most other countries, and unfortunately, lemur habitat is getting smaller and smaller every day.

The forests they need to live are being destroyed so that farms and crops can be put there instead. Hopefully, people will figure out a way to compromise soon so that lemurs continue to have a place to live, too.

A New View

If you’ve ever gone for a hike in the woods with a group of friends, you probably chose someone to be the leader. That person walked ahead and either made a path through, or found a way to get where you wanted to go. The rest of you would have tried to keep your eyes on that person, so that you knew which way to walk.

Ring-tailed lemurs do this too. Whenever they walk together as a group, there’s always a leader. It holds its tail high in the air like a flag. The others keep that tail in sight so they don’t get lost and so they know which way to go.

In the Bible, we can read about another group that did a lot of walking and a lot of following. The Israelites walked for many years until they finally reached the Promised Land. During part of that time, they had the unique experience of being able to see and follow God himself! He appeared in a cloud and as fire in the sky moving ahead of them to lead the way. Imagine what that would have been like. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do that today?

The next time you see a ring-tailed lemur:

Look at that fluffy ringed tail. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see them lead each other around. Remember the special way that God lead the Israelites and how confident they could be in His faithfulness to guide them in the ways they needed to go.

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