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No Place Too Deep

  Posted by Cheryl under Today's Creation Inspiration

Here on the surface of our great planet, when we think about creatures who live “underground” the first ones that come to mind are worms and moles.

We think of these because if we dig in the ground, those are the ones we’re likely to find. But did you know that there are animals who live much, much deeper? In fact, in 2010 scientists discovered an animal in the deepest cave on earth (that we know of so far). No one had ever seen it before.Deep Cave















Photo by GOC53 via Flickr

It is a tiny insect called Plutomurus ortobalaganensis . It’s more common name is springtail. The cave is located in Russia near the Black Sea and this unique creature lives at a depth of 7,188 feet. That’s about a mile and a half down!

Life is not easy for these special creatures. At that depth there is no light, only fungi and decomposing matter for food, and it’s a chilly 30 – 40 degrees (F) year round. That makes it a very dangerous and difficult place for humans to work, but these teeny creatures seem to be surviving just fine.

And you know what? Even a mile and a half below the earth God is still in control. Those insects are still part of His creation. While scientists may not know much about them, God does, just like He knows about everything from elephants to eagles and water bugs to whales. There is no place on earth where God does not see or does not know.

So the next time you hear about cave creatures, or if you try spelunking (that’s what cave exploring is called) remember that there is no place too deep. God is there and He loves and cares for creatures everywhere, especially you!

Jeremiah 23:24
Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the LORD. “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the LORD





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