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Education: B.A. English/minor Biology-Concordia University, Ann Arbor MI

Member of: Shepherd’s Gate Lutheran Church, Shelby Twp MI

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I have always loved reading books and magazines, (almost anything really). I also discovered a talent for writing way back in elementary school that grew throughout my school days. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that I looked seriously at writing again and decided to try freelancing.

Thanks to a patient editor at a local newspaper, my first article was published in December 1999, just before the turn of the millennium. At that time, my byline read Cheryl Beck and I thank my family and many local readers for encouraging me to move forward.

To date, I have more than 170 articles to my credit, as well as experience writing for business and promotion. My work has appeared both locally and internationally in a variety of newspapers, online newsletters and magazines.

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to try writing books instead of just freelancing and I began researching publishing one of my own. Along the way, I discovered a new expression of a passion for the book world and a desire to help others understand the crazy world of publishing.

2008 was very exciting as I launched my first blog and a website geared toward helping others in their writing/publishing journeys.  In January 2009 I officially launched my first book on the same subject, Publishing Possibilities.

Not long after that, I had a compelling prompting/nudge to write, but this time it was on an entirely different topic for a completely different audience. Even though I wasn’t confident I could do it or that I was the right person to do it, I began researching and then writing what I believed I was supposed to write. A few months later, I had a draft of Creation Inspirations: A New View of the World Around You ready to go to editing and launched to the world in September.

Although I’m proud of my other work, this project is entirely different. I believe it is what I’m called to do at this point in my life and that it’s how I’m supposed to put both my spiritual gifts and God given abilities to use.

In 2013, my goal is to release another book in the Creation Inspiration series and potentially  one or two more on other Christian topics.  I also now help authors at a new site called The Nonfiction Zone, so if you want to do what I do, I invite you to visit me there as well.

On a family life note, I married a wonderful guy named Dave in 2006 and am proud to have three sons by love & marriage (a.k.a stepsons) Andy, Steve and Aaron.

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