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Have a Creation Inspirations Day at Your School!

My visit can inspire many lessons in the classroom. Creation Inspirations tie in very well with Science, English/writing skills and Religion/chapel time too.

During my visit, younger students can hear me read from the book and I can talk about how an author can go from idea to holding a book in their hands.  I also bring some stuffed furry friends to help me out!

With older students,  I can go more deeply into creativity, writing, publishing and heeding God’s call in life.

* Q & A time is also included with length depending on teacher preference/grade level.

* School presentations are around 30 minutes for Kindergarten, 50 minutes (or class period) for elementary grades, 60 minutes (or class period) for high school.

* The ideal group size is 50 students or less per presentation. I do not need audio/visual equipment, just a large desk or table (standard 6 or 8 ft).

Parents/Teachers/Ministry Staff

I am also available to speak to PTA and other parent groups on the topic of creatively engaging your child and how easy it can be to incorporate faith into daily life using techniques like those in the book. I am also happy to discuss publishing and writing topics as well.

School Visit Fee Schedule:

Within 35 miles of my home & all of Macomb County, Michigan

Within the same day:

2 Presentations $200

3 Presentations $300

4 Presentations (full day) $375

Visits Via Skype are now available! Contact me if you are interested in a virtual visit.

Beyond 35 miles or over night stay required, please contact me. Lodging & travel expenses in such situations to be covered by host/booking organization.

I truly want to share my message and information with you/your students. I am willing to discuss my fees and see if there alternatives if your organization finds them prohibitive in some way.

School Book Signings

Book signings work best when students have pre-ordered the books. I can then either bring them already signed or set aside time during a lunch period or after school to sign them in person. I prefer that the school handles the collection of funds/order forms whenever possible. If the order is large, a volume discount may be available.


I am occasionally available to do readings during Sunday School class periods or to speak to parents during seminars, Bible Study and other group meetings. Please contact me for further details.

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