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1. What age group is the book appropriate for?

Generally ages 6-10. Kids approximately 7 and up will be able to read and do much of it on their own. Younger kids will enjoy it too with some help from an adult.

2. Is the book based on the Christian faith, does it support a creationist worldview?


3. What version of the Bible are the scripture verses quoted from?

New International Version (NIV)

4. Where can I purchase a copy?

It  is available through this website, Amazon and other online retailers, and by special order through many bookstores. Also, if your church has a bookstore, it may be available on the shelf or by special order there as well. If it’s not, please feel free to ask them to add it to their inventory!

5. My group would like multiple copies, what do we do?

Contact the author via this website.

6. How long is it, does it have graphics?

The book contains 25 chapters/sections with each one focusing on a different animal. It’s 150 pages long and has b/w photos and graphics throughout.

  1. Cheryl Said,

    A friend gave us a copy of your book for Christmas. We homeschool and are planning to use your book as the backbone for our science program this year (K& 2nd grader). The kids LOVE animals, and I think this will be a terrific base from which to build some unit studies-Megan R. Homeschooling Mom, Mich.