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How can Creation Inspirations fit into your home or ministry?

Ideas for Families:

  1. As the basis for family time activities for all ages
  2. To keep kids busy on their own during the summer, school breaks
  3. To help support your child’s faith as they attend public school/are taught information that’s contrary to your beliefs
  4. Family devotions
  5. Before or after a zoo trip (great in the car on the way!)
  6. To help your kids understand faith isn’t just for church time
  7. Stuff to do at grandma & grandpa’s house

Ideas for Those in Children’s Ministries

  1. Use them as the basis for children’s talks/sermon
  2. Supplement Sunday School or similar lessons
  3. Get a copy (or copies) for your church library/resource center/bookstore
  4. As a resource to help parents learn to encourage their child’s faith in a “non-preachy”  way and to help them understand our faith isn’t just for Sunday or church time
  5. Use the book to prepare for a field trip to the zoo
  6. Use the book as a resource for parents with kids in public school who may be frustrated with and needing support around typical science education

How have you used the book?

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  1. George Said,

    Cheryl, I’m so excited for you. What a wonderful addition to the teaching toolbox we can use in the lives of our children. I pray that God will use this book in powerful ways to glorify himself and bring more and more to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.